APPLE GALETTE INA GARTEN I made this recipe two times and each time the dough just melted away from the apples and spread out all over the parchment sheet.
Just use a spatula around the edges to loosen the dough from the parchment paper .
I think we forgot to take the plastic bag of giblets out of the turkey before stuffing and roasting it.
Now gently wrap the dough around the rolling pin and transfer it to the sheet pan.
Now dump the apple right into the center of the circle and spread them out a bit.
At this point I usually drop a few little pieces of butter over the tops of the apples.
I beat one egg with a splash of water and lightly brush the pastry with the egg wash.
Now put the baking sheet with the galette into the preheated 400 degree oven and bake for about 35 minutes.
I have been away for about 10 months and I will never take the selection and quality for granted ever again.
Friends used to bring a very tall coconut cake over every Christmas when I was a little kid.
I know that making home made pie crust but if in a hurry I use store brought and comes out just as good.
My daughter is a junior in high school and made this galette for her French class.
I made is closer to a galette because the sides are not fluted but just folded over.
This dessert is ridiculously easy to make and it tastes so good with just a tiny little scoop of butterscotch ice cream.
I was a little scared at first when I saw my husband closing his eyes after taking a tiny bite.
Henceforth my eyes will always be on the lookout for these fresh neon green apples that are quite tart but are wonderful when baked in pie.
To assemble the galette Preheat the oven at 160 C for at least 15 mins before baking.
My family did not care for the orange so I use lemon zest and sprinkle with a little lemon juice.
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Put the butter in another bowl and place both bowls in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Line a second baking sheet with a Silpat nonstick liner and spray with nonstick cooking spray.
Cut the galette into 8 slices and accompany each slice with a dollop of whipped cream.
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BET for a sixth season and things have definitely changed around the Sabers camp.
Sprinkle the apples evenly with the first two tablespoons of sugar then dot with the first two tablespoons butter.
You may need to briefly rewarm it to thin the caramel before brushing it over the tart.
I usually feel that dessert with fruit in it is a waste of calories better spent on chocolate.
Just told my advisor that I would be taking Nov 1st off because I had to spend all day cooking through the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.
I have made this style of apple tart a few times and often do mini ones with maple syrup drizzled over before baking if have scraps of puff pastry to use up.
I really want to make it for a birthday party but I need something that can keep for bit.
Lightly flour the top of the dough and cover with the second piece of plastic wrap.
Summer weather hurt our apple trees this year and they keep saying that the apple season is going to be shorter than usual.
Supposed to help make it flaky by mimicking the layers of butter that come in actual puff pastry.
Mine seem to turn within minutes and I always end up dropping them into acidulated water.
Puffed pastry went on top and after it was baked the pan was flipped over on top of serving dish to reveal a beautiful rustic tart.
Suzanne was waiting to bake this fantastic tart without knowing about the puff pastry.
It just came out of the oven and I can not wait for my dinner guests to get here.
I was worried about the crust shrinking too much so I patted it up the sides of the pan.
The book is available for preorder through all of the online stores listed on this page .
Put back on very low heat and after several minutes it was as close as it looked like it would get.
I overlapped the pieces in the pan and used a small roller I have to press out the lump.
I was saving that box of puff pastry in my freezer for something special like this.
I opted to just eat the cake like a slice of pizza and dip it in the melted bits of the gelato.
I found that even while very hot it globbed onto the applies and was far too thick.
The only thing I changed was to use Earths Balance sticks instead of real butter as my 10 year old is allergic.
I have a question about making this tart for Thanksgiving and I think someone may have asked this before.
I wonder if I could make the apple tart itself and then make the caramel and reheat right before serving.
I may be the designated dessert person for Thanksgiving and this would be a beautiful addition to the family meal.
My one year old demanded attention at the last minute and the caramel turned to hard candy.
Usually when I make desserts for my apartment they sit around for at least three days.
I doubled the salted caramel and now have been dipping everything I possibly can in it.
Made it with a good friend of mine so we shared the jobs and it went by in a flash.
To veganize caramel use oil instead of butter and rice milk or soy milk instead of dairy.
My husband kept saying things under his breath as we walked from the orchard to the car he carried the 40lbs and my 3 year old was pulling down on his other arm.
I believe I was saying the same things he was saying the next day as I was making my 3rd batch of honey apple lemon jam and still had 30 lbs of apples left.
You can also visit Beverly Cleary Elementary and take a drive on Klickitat Street where the Quimbys lived.
I used sour apples and instead of brushing the apples with the caramel I poured it generously on the tart.
I can see great possible variations within your amazing recipes so that I can enjoy the essence of your creations.
I look forward to one of my boys coming home from college in 2029 and begging me for sweet peas and shells Alfredo because nothing else compares.
Made this the other night to bring to a dinner party and everyone raved about it.
I also had a tough time brushing on the caramel without picking up and displacing apples.
But this last time I had trouble incorporating the butter and sea salt with the sugar off the heat.
I make this tart already but I like to line it with apple butter before I layer on the apples.
I began making it a few years ago by taking my home made applesauce and then throwing it in an open crockpot for two days.
Then I complete the circle of life by putting it under fresh apples for this tart which I used to have at a little french bakery years ago.
Also i went easy on the butter and cream quantities in the caramel sauce but it did taste great.

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