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Acer aspire 3690 technical manual mobile-iiz-ous
October 25th, 2014

Acer aspire 3690 technical manual Please use these 3rd party resources at your own risk as they are provided strictly for your convenience by Laptop Parts Expert.
Turning the product off before cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.
The grounding pin also provides good protection from unexpected noise produced by other nearby electrical devices that may interfere with the performance of this product.
These recommendations are consistent with the independent research by and recommendations of Wireless Technology Research.
Remote control Remote functions Finding and playing content Settings Arcade controls Navigation controls.
DV Wizard DVDivine Taking your notebook PC with you Disconnecting from the desktop.
Password Using software Playing DVD movies Power management Acer eRecovery Management Create backup Burn backup disc Restore and recovery Troubleshooting Troubleshooting tips Error messages Regulations and safety notices FCC notice Modem notices Laser compliance statement.
Empowering Technology toolbar or run the program from the Acer Empowering Technology program group in Start menu.
Models shipped with Windows Vista Starter Edition only support Acer eRecovery Management.
The front panel indicators are visible even when the computer cover is closed Icon Function Description Indicates when the hard disk drive is active.
This means the cursor responds as you move your finger across the surface of the touchpad.
Lock keys and embedded numeric keypad The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off.
Brightness down Description Turns the display screen backlight off to save power.
Adjusting the volume Adjusting the volume on the computer is as easy as pressing some buttons.
Data will be lost if the battery to become fully depleted and the computer shuts down.
The Arcade and Power buttons have different functions depending on the current mode.
Click Restore Default Settings to return the Acer Arcade settings to their default values.
Click Capture Device on the video page and then select the source you are using for your video input.
The Region option allows you to select the country or region where your cable provider is located.
Starting Acer Arcade Deluxe You can run the Acer Arcade Deluxe utilities directly from Windows Media Center.
Attach your DV camcorder or web cam to your computer and then start DV Wizard to begin.
Connectivity options Ports allow you to connect peripheral devices to your computer as you would with a desktop PC.
It is a smaller and faster interface that further enhances the usability and expandability of your computer.
Acer eRecovery Management from the Empowering Technology toolbar to start Acer eRecovery Management.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
General This product complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use.
ROM display keyboard printer startup troubleshooting questions setting location for modem use safety CD or DVD modem notices.

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